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07/01/2011 -
Engineered Coating is now serving the mustang community with a cobra brake caliper powder coating exchange program.  No downtime!

ngineered Coating
is now offering mail order powder coating! 

Don't take a chance on ruining your finish by trusting your project with someone else.

Engineered Coating consistently exceeds customers expectations and now we are opening our doors to mail order coating! Visit the Shipping Info page for more information as well as the Gallery to view our elite work.

The Process:

-  All projects are first sandblasted or chemically stripped then
sandblasted to provide the best possible surface for powder adhesion.

-  Once the item is cleaned of any residuals from blasting it is sprayed with your choice of color powder. The powder clings to a metal object because of an electrostatic process. 

-  When fully coated the item is suspended in the oven for a cure cycle.  The powder used is actually epoxy/poly plastic particles that melt and flow together during the heating process.  The molecular structure is changed,  provided a beautiful, maintenance free, industrial strength coating.





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